Feeding Guidelines

How to Serve FurryGreen's Fresh Meals to your dogs

Serving Methods



Our meals can be fed to your pups  as soon as they are defrosted. However, many dogs would like to have their food warm. Here are two recommended methods:

Serve it Warm:

Put the unopened frozen meal pack into hot water for a few minutes (suggested time 5-8 minutes). Then open the pack serve your dogs

Serve it Cold:

Defrost the frozen unopened packs in the non freezing section of the refrigerator the night before serving. The meals are ready to serve next day!

How should I make the switch to FurryGreen


To keep your dogs’ stomach happy during the transition to new food, it is important is to take the process slowly. The complete transition should take about a week and there’s a simple guideline to help you and your dogs during the transition.


Day 1-2: 25% of the whole portion size of the FurryGreen fresh meal mixed with 75% old food
Day 3-4: 50% new food mixed with 50% old food
Day 5-6: 75% new food mixed with 25% old food
Day 7+: 100% new food