Our mission is to create innovative and sustainable business models to convert pre-consumer human foods into useful resources again. Our tasty and nutristious fresh pet meals are made with upcycled ingredients. 

Furry Green (owned by Red BulBul Company Limited) is a Social Entreprise lised on SE Directory of Hong Kong 

We are a collective of amazing people (with dogs & cats) striving to build tasty & eco-friendly pet food.  Our meals are cooked with 100% fresh and natural ingredients with 0% preservatives.  


Why Food Recycling

Up to 40% of food is wasted, this is not only an environmental problem but an economical one. We are spending all the money and resources to produce food that we will never eat.

FurryGreen believes we need a revamped food system where food waste can be minimized. In our first project, we are making healthy puppy food with upcycled ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. 


Give Back to Community 

Our commitment to transform the pet food in Hong Kong doesn't stop with making and selling the food. Through partnerships with animal shelters and local NGOs, we routinely give back food to rescued animals.

Our Food System Problems​

Food Waste ​

Up to 40% of food are wasted. Everyday roughly 3600tonnes of food are sent to landfill

Greenhouse Gas​

Food waste produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas that’s far more potent than carbon dioxide

Animal Care​

We support rescued dogs with the food we rescued.

Responsible Consumption​

Doing more & better with less. We strive to develop innovative methods to reduce the ecological footprint of our productions

Resource Intensity​

Food is a resource-demanding products. It takes lot of energy, water, fertilizer land and labour to maintain our food system

Circular Economy

An economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources