Binsumsum 寵物咖哩牛腩(約250g)

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Binsumsum Doggo Tuck Shop自家製作一系列寵物零食,讓狗狗食得更開心

  • 牛腩/牛筋經過8小時慢煮,所以係超級嫩滑 
  • 牛筋含豐富膠原蛋白嘅蛋白質,有助於促進骨骼健康,仲有豐富嘅維生素B,而且脂肪含量非常低 
  • 材料:牛腩、牛筋、蕃薯、椰菜花、蘿蔔、少許薑黃粉

*卡路里 (只供參考):約103 kcal (每食用份量,一盒包含4單位食用份量)


    💡每次餵狗狗試新食物時, 要注意份量, 尤其係腸胃比較敏感嘅狗狗呀


    Get ready to treat your furry friends to a mouthwatering dish that will have them drooling with anticipation!

    Pet curry beef briskets

    • Beef briskets/tendons have been slow cooked for 8 hours, so it’s super tender!
    • Beef tendon is a collagen rich protein, helps to improve overall bone health. It is also rich in vitamin B and low in fat
    • Ingredients: beef briskets, beef tendons, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots,  pinch of turmeric

    *Calories (for reference only) : around 103 kcal (per serving, each pack contains 4 servings)

      Storage : store at -18 c freezer
      How to reheat : remove the tin from vacuum pack, steam for 15-20 minutes or until the center is warmed up

       💡Whenever you're treating your furry friend to some new food, remember to keep an eye on the portion size, especially if your pooch has a delicate tummy. Let's make sure their little bellies stay happy and content!