Binsumsum寵物燒賣 (雞肉8粒)

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  • 100% 人手製作燒賣皮,並且不含麩質
  • 燒賣加入咗蟲草花,蟲草花有護肝腎嘅作用,幫助抗氧化,並有助於強化免疫系統

雞肉燒賣(~20 g*8粒)🐔

成份: 雞肉、雞肝、青衣魚、蟲草花、紅蘿蔔、蕃薯粉、米粉、片栗粉、藜麥粉、奇亞籽、羊奶粉、紫薯粉、椰子油

*卡路里(只供參考):每粒約33 cal



Bin Sum Sum Handcrafted pet siu mai
  • siu mai wrapper is 100% handmade, and it’s gluten-free
  • cordyceps flower was added, it is most well-known for its nourishing effects on liver and kidney, and it also provides antioxidants and helps support immune system

Chicken siu mai (~20g*8 pcs)🐔

Ingredients: chicken meat, chicken liver, lingcod, cordyceps flowers, carrot, sweet potato flour, rice flour, potato starch, quinoa flour, chia seeds, goat milk powder, sweet potato powder, coconut oil

*Calories (for reference only): around 33 cal / pc

Storage : store at -18c freezer
How to reheat : remove frozen siu mai from the container and steam for 5-8 minutes