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#INVISIBLEPOOBAG 為一眾毛孩主人提供多一個既方便又對環境友善的選擇,不但能使用廁所沖走,若被棄於 寵物排便垃圾桶,抵達堆填區後都會被微生物降解,並不會殘留微塑膠,相對傳統的塑膠便便袋來得環保,取而 代之能減輕對環境的負擔。寵物家長們可以透過減少使用傳統塑膠便便袋,從而減低對環境的負面影響,將環保 融入生活。

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG has been specially designed for pet owners looking to find an eco-friendly and convenient
solution to dispose of their pet waste whilst reducing their carbon pawprint! Not only flushable, if
#INVISIBLEPOOBAG ends up in a pet-waste bin, it will also biodegrade and eventually break down in the landfill;
leaving no trace of toxin and no micro-plastic. Thus replacing the plastic poo bags with #INVISIBLEPOOBAG can
effectively reduce the negative impact on our environment.


如何使用#INVISIBLEPOOBAG? 簡單!首先,使用 #INVISIBLEPOOBAG 拾起寵物便便,然後你可以選擇棄置在一般垃圾箱、糞便收集箱,或者丟 進馬桶內沖廁。如選擇前者,#INVISIBLEPOOBAG 已通過國際標準 ASTM D5511 測試,在堆填區厭氧消化情況 下,顯示有超過85%的物料在90日內降解。 如選擇後者的沖廁方式,會流經下水管道到污水處理廠透過微生 物 分解為二氧化碳和水,不生成微塑膠。 溫馨提示:請留意在沖廁前先將袋中空氣放走並不要將袋口打結。每次沖廁建議只棄掉單個#INVISIBLEPOOBAG ,若住所是使用化糞池系統,不建議棄置在馬桶內。

Now you have a choice! Flush it or Dispose of it!

First, pick up your pets poo using the bag and then you get to choose what happens next; either dispose of it in a
designated pet waste bin, or drop the bag down the toilet and flush!
#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is truly biodegradable and has been tested under ASTM D5511 requirements to determine
landfill biodegradation under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions and results shows over 85% degradation
in 90 days. If you flush it, it will be treated at a sewage plant where, after being consumed by microorganisms, it
will completely break down to only carbon dioxide and water with no formation of microplastics. Remember, do
not knot or tie #INVISIBLEPOOBAG before flushing and only ever flush one bag at a time. We do not recommend
using #INVISIBLEPOOBAG if your home is using a septic tank system.


#INVISIBLEPOOBAG 由甚麼物料所造? #INVISIBLEPOOBAG 是由可生物降解及水溶性物料 Polyvinyl Alcohol 聚乙烯醇 (PVA)、植物澱粉、甘油及水所 造。通過實驗測試證實對環境無毒無害,不含 PP, PE, PS, PVC 塑膠成份,不會形成微塑膠、不殘留有害物質。在 日常生活中,很大機會你已接觸過此物料,例如洗衣球 / 洗衣珠、水箱潔廁劑。 而我們的包裝盒是採用100%可回收、無漂白原料,FSC森林認證的紙張所造,使用後請回收以減低對環境的負 面影響,對環境更友善。 環保寵物便便袋零售點!


Why should I choose #INVISIBLEPOOBAG?

Many people use plastic bags to pick up their pet poo which ends up in the landfill. These conventional plastic
polymers (PP, PE, PS, PVC) may biodegrade but this process can take decades and even then, they will fragment
into microplastics, which end up in our oceans and waterways. Even if pet waste bags are labelled as
compostable, most industrial composting facilities do not accept pet wastes due to the harmful bacteria,
parasites, and pathogens found in the feces. Today, you have a choice to dispose of your #INVISIBLEPOOBAG or
flush it, either way, you reduce your carbon pawprint on the environment. We have tried to create an end of life
solution that works, regardless of how our bag is disposed of.


#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is flushable (water soluble), landfill biodegradable and compostable, proven to be non-toxic
and leaves no harmful residues on earth. It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC. It is made of a water-soluble and
biodegradable combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA), starch, glycerin and water. And our paper box is
also eco-friendly, using unbleached paper and made from recycled material from FSC sustainably managed
forests. Please recycle it after it’s consumed to offset your carbon footprint and pawprint!