Furry Green x MTR 綠色低碳週-綠色市集💚

30/6/2023 MTR 綠色低碳週-綠色市集💚
Furry Green Pets 是一家香港的初創公司,專注於升級寵物食品生產。我們很榮幸被香港鐵路有限公司邀請參加他們的MTR Green Week 2023 - Green Marketplace。作為一家關注環境保護和推廣綠色生活的本地初創公司,我們熱衷於參加MTR Green Week,向更多寵物主人傳遞這一信息,鼓勵他們為他們的寵物做出更綠色的選擇。

We have recently participated in MTR Corporation Limited's MTR Green Week 2023 – Green Marketplace. The event took place in Hong Kong and brought together various eco-friendly businesses and organizations to promote sustainable living.

As a pet food producer, Furry Green Pets is passionate about environmental protection and promoting green living. The company's focus on upcycling involves using high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. By repurposing these ingredients, Furry Green Pets is able to produce natural and eco-friendly pet food that is both healthy for pets and beneficial for the environment.

The MTR Green Week provided Furry Green Pets with a platform to connect with more pet owners who share the same values. By participating in this event, the company was able to spread its message of environmental protection and encourage pet owners to make greener choices for their furry friends.

Furry Green Pets is grateful to MTR Corporation for organizing this meaningful event and providing them with the opportunity to showcase their products and connect with the green community. The company hopes to continue its mission to promote sustainable living and encourage more pet owners to make environmentally conscious choices.

If you are a pet owner in Hong Kong and are interested in natural and eco-friendly pet food, be sure to check out Furry Green Pets. By choosing their products, you can help reduce food waste and make a positive impact on the environment, all while providing your furry friend with a healthy and nutritious diet.

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