Upcycling for Good

At Furry Green, we're all about creating tasty and nutritious pet meals from ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste. That's right, we're all about Upcycling!

We believe in using every last bit of goodness that nature provides, and that's why we turn these hidden gems into delicious meals for our furry friends. And let me tell you, they absolutely love it!

But there's more to Furry Green than just making tasty meals for animal. We're also on a mission to reduce food waste going to landfills. Did you know that so much perfectly good food gets thrown away every day? It's a problem that affects us all, but we're doing our part to make a difference.

By using upcycled ingredients in our food, we're helping to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills. And that's not all - our meals are packed with veggies that contain essential nutrients for our furry friends' diets. So not only are we saving good food from going to waste, but we're also providing healthy meals for our pets.

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