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Delicious and nutritious fresh pet food made with upcycled ingredients

Healthy & Sustainable Food for Pets

Upcycled Ingredients

Promote Sustainability

Made in Hong Kong

Support Made Locally​

Human Grade Food

Guranteed Food Safety

Converting Waste to Resources

Upcycling takes unused food and turns it into nutritious pet meals. This saves valuable resources from dumping into landfills. Less food waste to landfill means less greenhouse gas generation.

Fresh Ingredients

Eat Healthily with Fresh Food Diet

Feed your pets with healthy meals made with 100% fresh ingredients. All meals are vacuum sealed and Sou Vide slow-cooked, the best way to preserve nutritional values and favours. No additives, fillers, and preservatives are presented in our meals.

Pets love our food!

Our furry friends deserve to eat fresh ingredients as much as we do.

Look at their happy faces!

Happy Pocky
Pocky the Shiba starring at Furry Green Food

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It is very delicious, want more.
I love food so much!

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