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Pets love our food!

Our furry friends deserve to eat fresh ingredients as much as we do. Look at their happy faces!


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Sherlock 🐶 & Watson🐶 enjoy Furry Green Dog Food very much. Their favours are Ducks🦆 and Fish🐟. Furry Green's food helps improve their skin's problems!

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Tasty❤️ IG: bengal_udon


Lok Lok the Poodle

Poodle can be very picky when it comes to food. Before LokLok experience of Furry Green's fresh dog food, he does not like eating much. And he was underweight. But since eating Furry Green's food, he is able to finish his meals every time! And now he is back to his weigh standard!

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Yum Yum 😋😋😋 Mimi 🐶 has been eating Furry Green Fresh Dog Meal since 5 months old! She is still very such excited every time when her meal is opened. More important, Furry Green's meal does not upset Mimi's sensitive stomach!


Bruce and Milly

We love Furry Green's Salmon Favour!


Pudding 布甸🍮

"I clean the plate in no time!" IG @poonpuddingjack

Muk Chu 曚豬

Muk Chu 曚豬

I love food a lot! My digestive system has improved since start eating Furry Green's food !!

Muk Chu 曚豬

FungFung 逢逢

Yummy😋 The portion looks huge ! But Fung Fung cleaned the plate in no time👍🏻

Red , Rouge & Rosso

Since switching my cats to Furry Green's cat food. I've noticed a remarkable improvement in their health and appearance. Their fur looks better and shinier, and gained weight. Most importantly, they love the food!

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甩甩 & 添添

They really enjoy eating the food and it makes them happy. Their poop look healthy poop.

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Benji the Chihuahua

"My 17-year-old Chihuahua, Benji, has been battling kidney disease for years. He had poor appetite and low energy. After switching to Furry Green's fresh pet food, Benji's appetite improved significantly, and his energy levels increased. I'm so grateful for the positive impact Furry Green has had on my beloved companion."