Furry Green and Dignity Kitchen: A Heartfelt Collaboration for Community Support

In a heartfelt display of community support and solidarity, Furry Green participated in a fundraising campaign for Dignity Kitchen Singapore, which wrapped up successfully on April 30th this year. During the campaign, a total of 20 packs of 2KG fresh meals were sold, raising HK$5,000.

A Successful Fundraising Effort

Thanks to the generous contributions and enthusiasm of all supporters 💓, Dignity Kitchen Singapore achieved its fundraising goal. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by low-income and impoverished individuals from their past experiences in serving the community, Dignity Kitchen decided to extend their goodwill. All the funds raised from this campaign were directed towards their "Pay It Forward" program. This initiative donates as little as HK$50 to distribute free meal boxes to low-income families and individuals in need, helping them enjoy a delicious dinner 🍛.

Furry Green's Additional Contribution

As mentioned, the fundraiser initially sold 20 packs of 2KG fresh meals. In a move to support even more abandoned fur babies 🐱🐶, Furry Green went the extra mile by producing an additional 10 packs of fresh meals 🆙. A total of 30 packs of fresh meals were delivered to the Brave Mum's Home for Stray Cats and Dogs. All production 👨🏻‍🍳 and delivery costs 📦 for these meals were fully covered by Furry Green.


This collaboration between Furry Green and Dignity Kitchen Singapore not only met its fundraising goals but also showcased the powerful impact of community support in making a tangible difference in the lives of many. By joining forces, both organizations have demonstrated their commitment to nurturing and supporting vulnerable groups through thoughtful and impactful initiatives

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