Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Pet-Friendly Delights: A Guide to Nutritious Treats for Your Furry Friends

Key Takeaways:

  1. Innovative Recipes: Discover how traditional festival foods are reimagined for pets, using ingredients like quinoa and chicken liver for both taste and nutrition.
  2. Health Benefits: Learn about the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used in these pet treats, such as quinoa, chicken, and sweet potatoes.
  3. Festival Fun for Pets: Find out how to include your furry friends in the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations with pet-safe versions of traditional foods.

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, it's not just humans who can enjoy the festivities - our furry friends can too! Thanks to innovative pet food creators like Furry Green, even our dogs and cats can partake in the celebration with special treats designed just for them.

A Twist on Traditional Treats: Quinoa Chicken Zongzi for Pets

Traditionally, zongzi is a rice dumpling stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves. For our pets, Furry Green has transformed this festive treat into a nutritious and delicious meal aptly named Quinoa Chicken Zongzi. This unique pet treat foregoes glutinous rice, instead embracing ingredients like quinoa, ground chicken, and psyllium husk powder. This not only ensures a tasty treat but also packs it with nutrients beneficial for our pets. The filling mimics the flavor of salted egg yolk with sweet potato and includes chicken liver, perfectly meeting the dietary needs of dogs.


  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken broth
  • Quinoa
  • Chicken liver
  • Sweet potato
  • Psyllium husk powder
  • Lemon juice

Each Quinoa Chicken Zongzi weighs approximately 80 grams and is packed with flavor and health benefits.

2024 Dragon Boat Festival Pet Fresh Meal Package

For pet owners looking to go all out, there's the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Pet Fresh Meal Package. This comprehensive package includes:

  • Furry Green Quinoa Chicken Zongzi (80g) x 1
  • Chicken Pumpkin Fresh Dog Food (100g) x 5
  • Beef Potato Fresh Dog Food (100g) x 5
  • Lamb Bell Pepper Fresh Dog Food (100g) x 5

These meals are not only festive but also ensure a balanced diet across various meat types and vegetables, providing a wholesome variety for any dog's diet.

Supporting Local Social Enterprises

We are incredibly grateful for the support from the Home Affairs Department (HAD) which has been instrumental in promoting Furry Green Pets and other social enterprises in Hong Kong. It is our honor to be featured on HAD's page dedicated to social enterprise products. This recognition not only enhances our visibility but also underscores our commitment to providing healthy, innovative pet foods that integrate traditional cultural elements.

Why Choose Festival-Themed Pet Meals?

  • Nutritional Value: Each ingredient is chosen for its health benefits, providing proteins, vitamins, and fiber.
  • Festive Spirit: Including pets in festival celebrations strengthens the bond between pets and their owners.
  • Safe and Tasty Alternatives: These meals are a safe way for pets to participate in the food-centric celebrations without the risks that traditional human foods might pose.

The Dragon Boat Festival doesn't have to be enjoyed by humans alone. With Furry Green’s specially crafted pet meals, your furry companions can safely partake in the festive eating, guaranteeing a joyful celebration for all members of the family. Whether it’s the unique Quinoa Chicken Zongzi or the assorted fresh dog food meals, there’s something to make this festival memorable for your pets.

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