Pawprint Magazine Celebrates Furry Green's Sustainable Vision for Pet Food

Today marks a special day in the journey of Furry Green, as we proudly announce our feature in the esteemed PAWPRINT MAGAZINE! This isn't just a celebration of our brand but an acknowledgement of the strides we're making in the realm of sustainable pet care and the circular economy. Join us as we delve into what this means for us, for our furry friends, and for our planet.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Furry Green is proudly featured in the SPCA's Pawprint Magazine, a testament to their commitment to sustainable pet care and the circular economy.
  2. Pawprint Magazine is a biannual publication available in March and August, in both Chinese and English, that covers important animal welfare issues and activities.
  3. The magazine is accessible to the public at pet-friendly locations across Hong Kong and online in PDF format for global readers.

Furry Green: A Pioneer in Sustainable Pet Care

At Furry Green, our mission has always been clear—to create pet food that is not only beneficial for our pets but also kind to our environment. Our feature in Pawprint Magazine is a nod to the efforts we have poured into making this vision a reality. As social entrepreneurs, we are driven by the challenge of creating a sustainable, locally made pet food that aligns with the principles of the circular economy.

Pawprint Magazine: A Voice for Animal Welfare

The SPCA's Pawprint Magazine is not just any publication; it is a voice for animals and a platform for change. The magazine highlights the critical work of the SPCA, showcases member activities, and brings to light pressing animal welfare issues. It is an honor for Furry Green to be recognized in such a prestigious magazine—a recognition that reinforces our dedication to animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Accessible to All: A Commitment to Community Engagement

Starting in 2024, the SPCA has made the commendable decision to publish Pawprint Magazine twice a year—in the hopeful seasons of spring and autumn. This biannual schedule ensures that the latest developments and heartfelt stories in animal welfare reach the community regularly. With its bilingual presentation, Pawprint Magazine transcends language barriers and unites a diverse audience in the cause of animal welfare.

The availability of the magazine in pet-friendly locations across Hong Kong allows residents to pick up a copy as they spend quality time with their pets. For our global readers and those who prefer digital access, Pawprint Magazine is readily available online in a convenient PDF format.

A Celebration of Shared Values

Our feature in Pawprint Magazine is more than just a spotlight—it is a celebration of shared values and common goals. It embodies the partnership between Furry Green and the SPCA in striving for a world where pet care goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

Looking Forward: The Journey Continues

As we revel in the honor of being featured in Pawprint Magazine, we know that the journey doesn't end here. This milestone is a catalyst for us to continue innovating, educating, and advocating for a future where sustainability is at the forefront of pet care.

We invite you to join us in this movement. Support sustainable pet care initiatives, learn about the circular economy, and most importantly, become a part of the community that values the welfare of our pets and our planet.

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