Celebrating Sustainability and Success at the Hang Seng Go Green Festival


  1. Exceptional Reception: The "Hang Seng Go Green Festival" was a huge success, warmly received by Hang Seng Bank employees.
  2. Product Popularity: Our special Festival dish, the Quinoa Chicken Zongzi, was a standout, selling out for two consecutive days.
  3. Open Invitation: We encourage all corporations interested in promoting green initiatives and employee engagement to consider hosting similar markets.

The "Hang Seng Go Green Festival" was not just an event; it was a vibrant celebration of sustainability and community spirit, hosted by none other than Hang Seng Bank. As participants in this eco-friendly carnival, we were thrilled to witness and contribute to the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the bank's employees towards greener living.

A Green Initiative Embraced Wholeheartedly

The festival was more than just a chance to showcase products; it was a platform to propagate the importance of environmental consciousness in the corporate world. The employees of Hang Seng Bank showed immense support, not just by participating, but by truly engaging with the products and the values they represent. This level of engagement is a testament to the bank’s successful fostering of a culture that prioritizes sustainability.

Our Star Product: Quinoa Chicken Zongzi

Among the various products we presented, the Quinoa Chicken Zongzi was a festival favorite. Labelled as our #FestivalSpecial, these zongzis were crafted with a focus on health and sustainability, aligning perfectly with the theme of the event. The fact that they sold out on two consecutive days speaks volumes about the growing trend towards healthier, sustainable eating choices amongst today’s professionals. Lower Carbon Pawprint! 

Looking Forward: Opportunities for Collaboration

The success at the Hang Seng Go Green Festival has inspired us to extend a warm invitation to other businesses that wish to host their own employee markets. These events are not only wonderful opportunities for team building but also serve as a platform to promote sustainable practices within the corporate sector.

We believe that every small step towards a greener planet counts, and through collaborations like these, companies can make significant impacts.

The Hang Seng Go Green Festival was a resounding affirmation that when a community comes together, sustainability goals are not just achievable but are embraced with enthusiasm. We look forward to participating in future events and are excited about the possibility of partnering with other organizations that are eager to make a difference.

Should your company be interested in hosting a similar event, please feel free to reach out. Together, we can make a substantial contribution towards a greener tomorrow.

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