Making a Difference: Furry Green's Generous Donations to Brave Mom's Home

We have received a lot of generous donations from kind-hearted customers, especially on December 2nd when Brave Mom's Home (傻媽傻媽流浪貓狗之家) reached out for support . It's heartwarming to see everyone's concern for the welfare of stray animals ❤️. We hope they can be well-fed as soon as possible. At Furry Green, we are committed to stepping up our production efforts to meet the increasing demand . We aim to provide more fresh food donations, but due to limited resources and manpower, we are struggling to keep up with the quantity needed for donations

On December 8th, we delivered total of 120kg fresh pet food to Brave Mom's Home. As of December 7th, generous donors purchased 118 kg fresh pet food, and Furry Green donated an additional 59 packs, making a total of 236kg . So far,  we delivered 120kg to Brave Mom's Home. We hope this helps address the immediate needs of the stray animals. There are still have 116kg pet food remaining to be delivered, and we will continue producing and arranging for their delivery . Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for the support and donations towards the Brave Mom's Home project. Thank you all for your generosity.

Additionally, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the HKEX Impact Funding Scheme for their continuous support in funding Furry Green's causes and operation. Their support has played a vital role in enabling us to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and contribute to a more sustainable Hong Kong

12月8日 我哋將其中60包(共120kg)送遞到傻媽

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