Food Safety FAQ

Is the food raw or cooked?

We cook all our recipes with low temperature sous vide cooking method at 80 degree in small batches.  Our process eliminates any harmful bacteria whilst preserving the high quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in the food. 

How long does Furry Green food stay fresh?

Our fresh food packs are vacuum-sealed, frozen and kept at -18 degrees. It can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months upon production. To ensure its best flavour, we recommend consuming the packs within 4 months from the production date, i.e. the “Best Before Date” labelled on the pack. A defrosted but unopened meal pack can be stored in the fridge for up to 24 days; If the pack is opened, please consume it within 24 hours.

Is upcycled food safe?

We use unused food surplus but that doesn’t mean we compromise on our food safety & quality standards. All the ingredients we use are human grade food that has not been cooked or seasoned.

Are there any preservative in Furry Green Pet Meals?

We do not add any preservatives at all. The only preservation method that we use is vacuum-seal and freezing at -18 degree.

How do Furry Green handle meat ingredients? Is minced meat used?

Furry Green does not source minced meat as ingredients. We use parts or cuts of meat that are not processed beforehand. We process, mince and mix the meat with other ingredients in our kitchen.