Serving FAQ

How much Furry Green Pet Meal should I feed my pets?

Serving portions should be adjusted according to the size, age, body conditions and special needs of your pet.  The below table provides the suggested serving portions we tailored for neutered adult dogs with no special conditions: 

Mini   |  5kg/12lbs or below | 1-2 packs /day
Small |  5-12 kg/12-25lbs | 2-4 packs/ day 
Medium | 12-20kg/25-50 lbs  | 4-6 packs/day 
Large | 20-40kg/50-100lbs | 6-8 packs/day
Pets with special condition:
If your pet dog/cat is currently pregnant, overweight or underweight, or has any chronic disease like kidney problems or diabetes, our fresh food pack may not be a suitable diet for your pet. Please consult your vet for professional advice regarding the change of food.