Donation to Maison de Charlotte pour des Chats et des Chiens (MCCC) Animal Shelter

We are thrilled to announce that Furry Green Pet Food has just made a donation of 20 kg of our minimally processed upcycled pet food to the Maison de Charlotte pour des Chats et des Chiens Animal Shelter (MCCC). As a company that is passionate about protecting stray animals, we are honored to support the incredible work that MCCC does in providing shelter, care, and love to cats and dogs in need. 


At Furry Green Pet Food, we believe that every animal deserves access to healthy and nutritious food, which is why we are committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly products that not only benefit pets, but also help reduce waste and protect the environment. By donating our high-quality pet food to MCCC, we hope to not only provide nourishment for the animals in their care, but also raise awareness about the importance of protecting and supporting stray animals.


We encourage all of our customers and followers to consider donating their time, resources, or funds to local animal shelters and organizations that are doing important work in our communities. Thank you for supporting Furry Green Pet Food and our mission to protect and care for all animals, big and small. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our furry friends and create a more compassionate world for all.

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