Why Gently Cooked Dog Food ?


Pets leave behind a significant carbon pawprint due to conventional pet food manufacturing

Gently processed, fresh pet food reduces environmental impact while:

  • Preserving more nutrients
  • Easier to digest for pets
  • Improving flavor with real ingredients
  • Avoiding artificial additives

Embraces circular economy by upcycling underutilized ingredients
Simple way to pamper pets while shrinking carbon pawprints

As pet parents, we all want what's best for our furry friends. From snuggles and belly rubs to long walks and playtime, their happiness is our top priority. But have you ever thought about the impact their diet has on the planet? Introducing your pup or kitty to gently processed, fresh pet food is a simple way to shrink their carbon pawprint and embrace a more circular economy.

What is a Carbon Pawprint?

Just like humans, our pets leave behind a carbon footprint from the resources needed to feed them. The pet food industry generates staggering amounts of emissions through conventional manufacturing, processing, packaging and transportation methods. According to one study, the combined carbon pawprints of dogs and cats create the same climate impact as 115 million cars driven for a year! Making conscious choices about what goes into your pet's bowl makes a big difference.

The Benefits of Gently Processed, Fresh Pet Food

At Furry Green Pets, we believe pets deserve food that not only tastes delicious but is also nutritious and sustainable. Our gently processed, fresh meals are minimally handled to preserve all the beneficial nutrients nature intended. By upcycling underutilized ingredients and avoiding additives, we're able to craft nourishing recipes that are easy on digestion while reducing environmental impact.

So, what exactly makes gently processed fresh pet food better? Let's break it down:

Nutrient Preservation

Imagine baking a cake from scratch versus buying one pre-made. That fresh-from-the-oven treat is always more flavorful and nutritious, right? The same concept applies to pet food. Heavily processed kibble and canned options often destroy many of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through excessive heat and chemical treatments. Our light cooking methods help lock in those healthy nutrients so your furry friend can absorb maximum benefits.

Better Digestion

Dogs and cats are descendants of hunters who thrived on fresh, whole prey in the wild. Their digestive systems are better equipped to handle food in its most natural state. Heavily processed pet foods can lead to gastrointestinal issues like vomiting, diarrhea and sensitivities. Gently handled ingredients are simply easier for their bodies to break down and absorb vital nourishment.

Improved Flavor

Have you ever noticed your pet turning their nose up at their boring kibble? Of course they prefer the taste of real, fresh food! Our homecooked-style meals highlight the delectable flavors of high quality proteins, wholesome produce and tantalizing herbs and spices. Even the pickiest eaters gobble up these savory dishes.

Fewer Additives and Preservatives

Reading a standard pet food label reveals a shocking number of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and other sketchy additives. At Furry Green Pets, we keep things simple with whole food ingredients you can actually pronounce. No questionable chemicals here! This natural approach is especially beneficial for pets with allergies or sensitivities.

Supporting a Circular Economy

In addition to being better for your pet's health, gently processed fresh food helps close the loop of our unsustainable linear economy. What does that mean? Instead of extracting precious virgin resources, processing them, using them briefly, then sending waste to the landfill or incinerator – we're embracing a circular model.

Our meals are thoughtfully prepared with upcycled ingredients that would otherwise be discarded as byproducts or surpluses. By rescuing these nutrient-dense extras from the waste stream, we're able to craft delicious recipes while reducing environmental strain. It's a win-win for your pet and the planet!

From preserving valuable resources to skipping harsh processing, gently prepared fresh pet food is a simple way to pamper your pup or kitty while shrinking their carbon pawprint. At Furry Green Pets, we're passionate about providing nutritious, sustainable meals that keep your pet happy, healthy and wagging their tail for more!

Join the Fresh Food Movement

Ready to treat your furry friend to the best life has to offer? Sign up for our fresh pet food delivery service and you'll never have to compromise between nutrition and sustainability again. To learn more about how our gently processed, locally-sourced meals can support your pet's wellbeing while embracing a circular economy.  Please check out Furry Green Fresh Pet Food products page: here

One bite at a time, we're paving the way towards a healthier planet for all!

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