Food Upcycling Made Furry Easy by The Coperate Law Journal

Food Upcycling Made Furry Easy 

By Ottilie Cheung

The Coperate Law Journal 

A 2020 study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh reported that of all 280 types of pet foods sold across the EU and the US, half of it is produced from fish or meat, while the other half originated from rice, wheat, and maize. In terms of carbon dioxide emission from dry pet food production, 106 million tonnes are emitted each year, beyond what is accumulated from countries like Mozambique and the Philippines. In 2019, it is recorded that 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste were being generated every day, unnecessarily. 

Pirry Leung, one of the founders of Furry Green, a Hong Kong-based sustainable pet food business, acknowledged the growing influence of such problems and began finding remedies regionally. Knowing the carbon-intensive industrial nature of pet food production, Pirry hopes to inspire more start-ups to sell locally made-pet food, to reduce logistic carbon emission, too......

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