Pet Nutrition What is dietary fiber?

What is dietary fiber? 🧐

Dietary fiber is a plant-based element 🌿 that promotes the function of other nutrients 🌞. The intake of fiber can help their gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the formation of feces 💩, and promote gastrointestinal digestion 😎.

Water-soluble fiber in a fresh diet for dogs

✨ Water-soluble fiber: Can be decomposed in water 💦, after decomposition it will form a gel-like state in the intestine, so it can slow down digestion, soften feces, and avoid constipation caused by too hard feces. 😮‍💨 Foods rich in water-soluble fiber include: radish, kelp, whole grains, beans

Non-water-soluble fiber in a fresh diet for dogs

Non-water-soluble fiber cannot be decomposed in water 🚫💦, this will stimulate intestinal peristalsis, but it has the ability to absorb water and expand, absorbing water helps defecation. 😉 Foods containing non-water-soluble fiber include carrots, burdock, mushrooms

What are the benefits of dietary fiber?

What are the benefits of dietary fiber? 😍

1️⃣ Reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

2️⃣ Increase satiety in dogs

3️⃣ Prevent excessive obesity

4️⃣ Maintain normal blood sugar levels.


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