Duck & Duck Soup Fresh Meal for Cats 鴨肉鴨湯貓貓鮮食 (80g)

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Duck & Duck Soup Fresh Meal for Cats 鴨肉鴨湯貓鮮食 80g

材料: 鴨胸肉、雞蛋、南瓜、甘荀、鴨湯、牛磺酸、蛋殼粉、三文魚油、海藻粉、小麥草粉

Ingredients: Duck Breast, Egg, Pumpkin, Carrot, Duck Broth, Taurine, Egg Shell Powder, Salmon Oil, Kelp Powder, Wheat Grass Powder

營養分析 Nutrition Analysis:
熱量 Calories: 125 kcal/80g
Protein 蛋白質 10.8g , Fat 脂肪 6.1g , Moisture 水份 63 g, Sodium 鈉 45.9mg , Calcium 鈣 204.7mg , Phosphorus 磷 105.8mg


Partly Made with Upcycled Ingredients 

No Additives and Preservatives  

1️⃣ 鴨肉嘅營養價值

2️⃣ 南瓜嘅好處

3️⃣ 鴨湯嘅滋補功效

✅ 預防白內障同其他眼部疾病
✅ 維持心臟健康
✅ 預防皮膚感染
✅ 含有抗氧化劑,有助降低患慢性病嘅風險
✅ 幫助消化


1️⃣ Nutritional Value of Duck 

Duck is rich in protein, iron, and phosphorus, which help maintain your fur baby's robust physique 😎, prevent anemia, and keep their bones and teeth healthy 🦷. Plus, duck fat contains more unsaturated fatty acids, which help maintain healthy blood vessels. Compared to other meats, duck meat is also considered low-allergenic 😃.

2️⃣ Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains an abundance of β-carotene, which, when converted into vitamin A in your fur baby's body, helps boost their immune system and resist infections in their gut 😌.

3️⃣ Nourishing Effects of Duck Soup

Our homemade Duck Soup is made from all-natural ingredients and provides your kitties with added hydration. Duck Soup also has the following benefits: