Cat Fresh Meal Bundle 貓貓鮮食套餐

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Cat Fresh Meal Bundle 貓貓鮮食套餐 (12 pcs)


🐤Chicken & Chicken Soup Fresh Meal for Cats 雞肉雞湯貓鮮食 x 4
🐤🐟Chicken + SalmonFresh Meal for Cats 雞肉三文魚貓鮮食 x 4
🦆Duck & Duck Soup Fresh Meal for Cats 鴨肉鴨湯貓鮮食 x 4




The Cat Fresh Meal Bundle contains 12 pouches of fresh meals, each of which contains fresh meat soup with sufficient hydration. It contains no preservatives.
The bundle includes:

🐤 Chicken & Chicken Soup Fresh Meal for Cats x 4
🐤🐟 Chicken & Salmon Fresh Meal for Cats x4
🦆Duck & Duck Soup Fresh Meal for Cats x4
100% Made in Hong Kong
Note: Partly Made with Upcycled IngredientsPlease keep products at -18C freezer



我們的寵物鮮食包以真空低溫烹調法(sous vide)製作,真空保鮮防菌,保存食物天然營養,無添加防腐劑或人工成份。

FurryGreen takes great care in preparing fresh meals for your furry friends. By providing a more natural and complete nutrition, the meals help reduce your pet's exposure to artificial chemicals, and the higher hydration level helps improve their overall health. The meal plans are based on the AAFCO standards set by the American Association of Feed Control Officials, and are reviewed by registered veterinarians to ensure the proper nutritional balance.

Up to 40% of the ingredients in FurryGreen's fresh meal pouches are made from upcycled materials, such as fresh vegetables from food factories or retail stores that were not sold. The meat ingredients are mainly sourced from fresh purchases, with some coming from the unused parts of collected meat ingredients.

The pet fresh meal pouches are prepared using sous vide cooking methods, which are vacuum-sealed and low-temperature, preserving the natural nutrition of the food without adding any preservatives or artificial ingredients.